Atv shops near me

Learn more about the new look. John Watts of Elliot Lake, Ont. Honda TRX500 ATV like the one shown here. An Ontario man found it didn’t pay to shop around after he had a sale price on an ATV rescinded when he tried to get his hometown dealer to match the offer, a situation an expert in Canadian competition law says atv shops near me certainly contravenes the Competition Act.

Last month, John Watts was looking to replace his 12-year-old Honda ATV with a new Honda TRX500 Rubicon. He got a quote from Napa Auto Sports, his local dealer in Elliot Lake, Ont. 70, a figure that included several accessories and taxes. But Watts feels prices are generally a bit higher in Elliot Lake than elsewhere, so he wanted to check out another Honda dealership.

I went to Sudbury to see if I could get a better price. When is a sale a steal? I got my quote from Sudbury. I went to the fella that owns the Napa Honda dealer and : ‘I can get this cheaper in Sudbury, what can you do for me? Next thing I know, three days later I get an email from Sudbury the deal is cancelled, you are better off to purchase locally.