Motorcycle shops near me that are open

Get a cheap throw away ticket! I decided, after much thought, that I would buy a motorcycle and have the sidecar made for motorcycle shops near me that are open personal use. Well, I bought a van, but it is simply too big for riding around town and parking.

This old city I live in is simply NOT designed and laid out for car parking. We use the van to get around to larger cities further away from us, or if it is raining, and I don’t want to get wet. So, what can I tell you about my purchase? This thing was made for MY specifications. I guess I’ll find out as I ordered a sidecar.

I don’t even own a motorcycle! Well, we hit motorcycle shops of course. Ok, I’m making it sound like I didn’t already look at motorcycles, but the truth is I had been looking at them since I arrived. There are SOOOOooooo many makes and models to choose from, which made it hard to decide. I also spoke with as many tricycle drivers as I could and all of them pointed me to the Honda TMX 155. Now, I spoke about these before in an old article I wrote before I came to the Philippines. And since arriving I have seen MANY of them used as tricycles, and some as singles.

So, as I said, we left the sidecar shop and started for the motorcycle shops to buy something. Which means that model is no longer being made. Now I needed to find out about the replacement for the 155, known as the Honda TMX Supremo. Low and behold, we find just such a person at the Honda dealership.

Of all things he was getting it serviced! I checked out his odometer and there was only 6,000km on it. Is something wrong with the only machine now available to me? Did I just waste a downpayment that I was surely NOT going to get back? I remained calm and had my wife talk to him about his Supremo.

Long story short, I bought the Supremo two days later, at that dealership. Not only is the Supremo more fuel efficient, but it also meets all of the quality standards now required by many countries. When does the new model that is more efficient cost less? When Honda brought out the new Supremo!

I think I got a pretty good deal. And the bike is a beautiful red, that is close to color to my van I bought. The sidecar is being made in Malasiqui. I am hoping to get some pictures of my sidecar in the making and write an article or two. I will say that I had checked out MANY other sidecar shops, and this is the first one where the prices didn’t go up when I got out of the van. My wife and brother-in-law were the first to check each out and get prices. After they got the prices, I got out of the van and went to tell them exactly what I wanted and get a final price.

As it is everyone sees me come and watch me go, and I am sure they talk about me long after I am gone. It is the way of life for me here. Since taking ownership of the motorcycle I have ridden it around and have enjoyed it. I haven’t ridden a motorized two wheel form of transportation since I was 16 years old. Well, I’ve ridden motorcycles, but not owned any. 6kms on it, and I need to reach 1,000kms before they say it is good to attach a sidecar.

Besides, that is the mileage I need for my first free oil change and overall service check to ensure she is still running sound. Until next time, paalam, ingat, and God bless. I even considered one of those. But being made in China, I just couldn’t trust it would last long.

NOTE: Since writing this article, I have decided that bigger is not really better. I am wishing I had gotten the standard sized side-car! At the time of this writing, I am 42 years old. I’ve been married to my Filipina wife since December 2009. She is from the Province of Pangasinan, Philippines. I was born and raised in the Metro Detroit area in Michigan.

I’ve worked in many fields throughout my short career, mostly in Architecture, computers, and law enforcement. I’m medically retired from the U. Government due to a back injury and look forward to our move to the Philippines. I haven’t been to Naga, but this is like some of the ones I see around here. Except on a much bigger scale. Good article ,I have been planning to buy one on my December trip to Iloilo, now I know what to look for. I’m glad you enjoyed the article.