Yamaha motorcycle showroom

Showroom Showdown: Honda Yamaha motorcycle showroom Wing vs. After years of stagnancy in the segment, touring enthusiasts have many new bikes to pick from this year. Harley-Davidson and other manufacturers, but most importantly, a handful of new fully-dressed touring bikes. For 2018, we’ve got three new big-bike touring options: the updated Honda Gold Wing Tour Edition, the BMW K1600GA, and the Yamaha Star Venture TC.

All three bikes have a complete touring package, including rear trunk and full-size fairing. But which of these bikes would work best for you? We’ll take a look at the spec sheets below. No question, the BMW K1600GA is the winner on claimed horsepower, with 160 hp from its inline-six engine.

Star Venture makes for horsepower, as Yamaha won’t tell us. The previous version of the air-cooled 1,854 cc air-cooled Yamaha V-twin made around 100 hp, so we’d guess it’s still in this ballpark. Yamaha quickly catches up in that respect. BMW makes 126 lbs-ft of torque, and the Gold Wing makes 125 lbs-ft of torque. Obviously, these engines are aimed at very different riding styles. The Star Venture’s weight also works against it in the twisties.